is a browser game in which multiple players can control multiple snakes. These snakes feed themselves on multicolored pallets. As they continue to consume more and more pallets, they grow bigger and bigger. They game is an updated version of old mobile game arcade game ‘snake’. The concept of this one is much similar in approach to original snake game as you are supposed to feed your snake on lightning balls. As it keeps on engulfing more and more, it keeps on growing larger and larger. The aim is to grow your snake larger on the whole of the server. Game game begins with a small snake on a dark background, which starts its journey consuming small colorful pallets. As the game progresses and the snake eats more pallets, it grows in size. It’s a multiplayer game, so multiple people can play it at once. At the end of the game, one with the biggest snake wins the game.


During the game, you need to look after is that your snake doesn’t hit another with the head. If your snake the body another with head, then you’ll have to start from the ashes again. However, you can maneuver with tricks and style of the play to make your rivals hit you with their heads. This way, they will be out of the race and you will be the undisputed king of


A boost option is available to speed up your snake if you feel it will end up in any sort of trap. By pressing space button on your computer, or by double clicking the mouse button, you can speed up to move your snake faster. But this will result in loss of snake’s length and its size.

game preview Cheats

While playing, you can download the cheat codes to assist yourself in emerging victorious among your friends. There are online cheats available which are easily downloadable, once you have them you have the upper hand among your friends.

Zoom Out

One of the most common cheats is to zoom out. It allows you to look at a broader spectrum. You can watch the movements of your friends allowing you to strategic your game play.

Apart from it, there are many other cheats to assist you in winning the beautiful snake game. Hacks

Since the setting of the game demands you to crush other snakes and eat their remains, so you need to crush as many snakes as you can to emerge victoriously. Here are a few hack which you can use to help yourself in winning the most amazing game of all time –

Boosting Up

If you’re ever going to get trapped in an inescapable trap, then you can double tap the screen of your tablet or you can double click your mouse to speedily get out of the trap. Like COC slither is famous game also, how every if you still play clash of clans they its recommended for you to try clash royale hack that works better than other without any downloads.

Use Map

Using the small map on the bottom, on you can isolate yourself to one corner and wait for others to kill each other. When the ground is relatively more open, you can come out and play your game.

Go Big Fast

If you want to survive, then grow yourself big faster. This will give you more room to play and will make it easy for you trap other small snakes into your play.

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